Observing breads and dips stall @ the hub

image.The aim was to observe buying behaviour and interactions while we set up a stall selling freshly baked breads and dips. Apparently, the demographics and psychographics of the hub is quiet comparable to the farmers market. Tom helped make the product in the early morning shift and Sara volunteered to be the sales help for the stall.

Time and place: 915 set up, Hub, Friday

Weather: beautiful, warm and sunny. Last day of the working week.

Mood: lots of relaxed middle aged people, not many students.


People just came, as son as the stall was set. Major learning was to be very organised with signage and float and the last thing one should take out is product as the sale starts to happen straightaway.

Lots of customers 35+ age group. Buyers mainly females that work there possibly.

Almost panic buying, not looking at price at all. Mostly buying more than one product

Not many students around, possibly too early after a thirsty Thursday.

Words like wow, yum in the air. Buying with eyes. Atleast 3 customers called on phone to either inform others of ask what and how much to buy as they looked at the produce. Quite possibly the word of mouth in action.

Who has made this been the most commonly asked question.

A few students around at 10, most walking straight past.

2 perhaps health conscious customers asking questions around the content of the bread, both settling for low fat ciabatta.

2 customers were spotted again for a repeat buying. Well done.

Cherry brioche was first one to sell out. Only sweet offering and one of the two ready to consume now product. Possibly a Friday treat.

Lots of questions on content of dips. People want to know what’s in the product if it is not that evident.

Customers surprised and chuffed with eftpos availability and in one closely observed client it definitely motivated her to buy more.

One enquiry about gluten free option.

Selling the last bits and pieces was harder as offerings reduced. Good idea to keep piling the stuff and restocking as you go.


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