Food trends 2016 and Kombucha

  One of the winners in the prestigious cuisine artisan awards this year is a Kombucha brand called Headless Kombucha. Also looked under the trends for 2016 based on research done by Baum+Whiteman, an international food and restaurant consultants based in NY.It all strongly points towards Kombucha.

  All these micro categories under the trends support the idea of a cherry Kombucha.

  An article on stuff, a New Zealand site suggesting Kombucha was going mainstream. Market size estimated to be more than half a billion dollar. Also siting of a kiwi bog on all things Kombucha.

    Yet another kiwi website on information on health benefits of Kombucha. Abc7 news suggesting and supporting the fact that the market is growing heaps faster than the average beverage market and was looking like touching half a billion dollar.

More articles supporting the popularity of Kombucha.

 Very good article on food trend prediction in New Zealand stating healthy food movement being the number one trend. It further elaborates to state that food used as preventative medicine would win. Also quotes on a vibe of ancient food source that taste good to trend strongly.


Amazing kiwi article may be pushing me to consider pitching Kombucha as a nutraceutical. The market is heaps bigger and is aimed at baby boomers and 30+ audience which according to my team research is the core audience of the farmers’ market. Hmmmmmmm. 

Sara says add chia seeds to Kombucha and I said why not!!  And now this brand NIRVANA is stuck in my head and it gels with the boomers too. The brand also appeals young girls with alternate lifestyle when we think about extending our market. May be?


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