Magazine Readerships and What They Say About Baby Boomers

Just a quick note in relation to lifestyle blocks:

In 2003,  the median price of lifestyle blocks…cracked the $500,000 mark.

Now, 13 years later, the prices of lifestyle blocks in Dunedin, according to, range from $429,000  up to $1,550,000. From this you can safely presume that lifestyle block owners have disposable income.

Wine Magazine

Wine magazine readership.PNG

This readership snippet says that people who read their magazine are “wine enthusiasts who embrace ‘the good life'”. This implies that the people who ’embrace the good life’ have disposable income to spend on cultural pursuits, which are things such as cinemas, museums, galleries, theatres, dance halls, and wine. Also, Central Otago is one of the top 10 wine production

Cultural Pursuits Link
Top Ten Wine Producers NZ

What type of advertisements and articles are in Wine Magazine? (based on the Feb/March 2016 issue)


Ovens (Miele), financial advise (Perpetual), wine (Craggy Range, Villa Maria), wine cellar racks (Transtherm), water made from fruit and veggies (Aqua Botanical),

Advertisments with mini articles:

Winery experiences (Amisfield winery Central Otago), getaways to fishing destinations (Matakauri Lodge Glenorchy, Queenstown), fine-ish dining restaurants (Aløft Restaurant in Hobart)


notification of vineyard  transfers,


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