Kombucha benefits

Here is a article that is opposite of my last blog post about when it comes to whats in Kombucha like antioxidants this is just a list that we can use for health benefits for this product. If I try and relate this to our persona (baby boomer) I would say they like the health benefits of this tea for sure! the ways it can help them with a lot of problems that boomers face joint pain, energy levels, liver function and more. In earlier study I wrote that Baby boomers don’t like to “just settle” so I feel out side of the health side of Kombucha we have another way to sell this because it is unique, natural its old but something new to people, appealing with the way fermentation works I feel this will jump out to our target market.

Health about Kombucha


One thought on “Kombucha benefits

  1. I think a type of fermented drink will stand out to our target market as well! The health benefits are enough to make anybody want to drink it, especially our target market of older people who are starting to have health problems.


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