Building a case for a persona

Here is a step by step guideline to find and build a persona for which an appropriate product will be designed.



Baby boomers female, high disposable income, high involvement food customer, health conscious and community oriented.


Further observation at the taste nature store supporting the existence of this persona.


Murphy study looking at farmers market across New Zealand suggesting 68% female patronage and around 40% of these baby boomers. Almost two thirds of them are tertiary qualified. Local food economy research suggests a strong case for organic type product.


Shryn from the farmers market trust was a typical example of the persona we chose. Health conscious female baby boomer looking at staying and eating healthy.


25% of people who go to farmers market earn more than $100000. Going by the average gate count at the otago farmers market, we could say more than 2000 people going to the market here earn more than $100000.

Some data to suggest how Kombucha has been given some good pump but media and studies. It’s been called the tea of immortality.


Looking at the readership of the cuisine magazine, average household income was 46% higher than the national average. It also stated in the 2016 readership statistics that cuisine magazine readers put quality above cost. These readers are discerning travelers as well. March 2016 magazine had lots of advertising on holidays, getaways, cruises,wine drinking destinations and where to eat when they travel to these cities. An article on preserving summer fruits and vegetables for winter use might suggest that the readers are open to new food education.


Just a self reminder about staying away from the notion of a plutonic dish suggesting to offer a variety to customers instead of a dish. Excellent talk on ted from Malcolm Gladwell.

We also discussed the idea of close loop packaging and working with a local charity on that.

In terms of the value offered we thought of giving three prong benefits. Using central otago cherries to give the notion of Provence, offering health and nutrition through the use of the product and hedonic advantage through healthy offering and close loop packaging supporting local charity.


Further looking at cuisine magazine we can assume that these guys could be trend followers as there were plenty of recipes for them to cook . A lot of these recipes were for 4-8 portions suggesting they would be entertainers. Lots of emphasis on eating healthy, free range products advertised and seasonal produce being showcased in the recipes which all points towards a healthy lifestyle of the readers.



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