Prototype #1 – 14 March

What are we doing today?


  • start bulk brew #1 of kombucha
  • make a cherry pulp and vacuum pack it for when the kombucha is finished
  • start a brew of cherri kanji (indian fermented veggie/food drink)

Main materials needed:

  • mesh cloth
  • coffee filters
  • glass jar to brew kombucha

We aim to start one bulk batch of kombucha today. We bought a kombucha starter kit from Taste Nature that we are going to use which yields roughly 2 litres in 7-10 days. This has the directions to brew it in a pamphlet, pictured below.

rene's kombucha recipe.jpg

From there,we are going to try out different levels of fruit flavour to see which tastes the best. We are going to bottle the kombucha in 300ml bottles with each bottle having a different percentage of cherry pulp, which we will make today. Then the bottles of kombucha will be left out for a further two days (this is called the second fermentation), and this process will create a delightful fizz in the bottle for when it is consumed.

We also aim to make brew #1 of cherry kanji. This recipe will take about 3-4 days, considerably shorter than that of kombucha. This drink ferments with the cherries in it, so there is no need for a second fermentation. The outcome is fizzy.

Cherry Kanji Recipe

cherry kanji recipe.jpg



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