So far so good

Hey team hope you are having a lovely weekend. I thought I would sum up what all we have achieved so far and what’s in stock for us in the coming week. Sara it was wonderful to see you at the farmers’ market and thanks very much for shopping at the taste nature too. It seems Tom has recovered as well and we will be back to full strength next week.

We have a clear persona of baby boomer female living in a life style block and looking at buying healthy products to extend and improve her quality of life.

We have also looked at the trends and have established that fermented products were trending in New Zealand and the world. Kombucha was enjoying up to 30% growth in America and the total market there was worth more than half a billion dollars. A brand called headless Kombucha won cuisine artisan award too just last month

As a team we decided that we would make a Kombucha product but we accepted that we needed a edge in our product. We did discuss close loop packaging as part of the marketing strategy. We also thought it would be a good idea to use speights brewery water to build the brand story.

Coming week is about trying atleast 4/5 recipes and see what works the best. I would research some recipes and bring along. It might be a good idea to ferment cheeries and use its natural sugar. Another idea could be to use cherries in the secondary fermentation after making Kombucha.

I know we have to worry about the persona report due following week. However, I would suggest you guys to study Kombucha a little bit more and come to the kitchen tomorrow with a clear plan and recipes.

See you guys tomorrow.


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