Water Kefir, the way to go

Good to see the whole team together trying to solve this design problem! Obviously, Kanji was a stink bomb and kombucha was ordinary too. It will also take a long time to prototype kombucha as the fermentation takes more than a week.

Thanks Sara for bringing the fermented kefir for all of us to try.We concluded after tasting that coconut water based kefir was too pungent and a bit obnoxious to drink. On the other hand water kefir was fairly good. Although it tasted very sweet the sugar content was around 5%.The sugar content of the cherry juice was 7%. We mixed equal portions of cherry juice and kefir and the taste was still a bit sweet. The sugar content of the mix was 12% which is fantastic as compared to other drinks in the market.We are not sure of the shelf life of the finished product at this stage. We could add some malic acid to bring the acidity of the product down to 4 or 4.5 and then if we add sodium benzoate in it then it can act as an preservative.

Another important aspect is to check with the target audience if they are willing to incorporate a product like that in their life style. We will design a questionnaire and make another batch of the product and ask the guys at the hub tomorrow. We are aiming to find out if they use fermented products, buy or make healthy drinks and why do they do that. We also aim to findĀ as to how and when they use these drinks at home. We would also give them a taste of the kefir and see what they think and if they have tried this product before. See you tomorrow with the findings.


This is an interesting place to learn about water kefir.