Kefir kits, a better match

Last week was fairly intense trying to come up with a product that our persona would want. We tried water and coconut water kefir drinks with cherry juice. Although water kefir tasted good and was even better with the juice, it posed another challenge. How do we stop the fermentation and what would be the shelf life of the product?

Water kefir was an anrobic fermentation hence ever when the bottles were sealed it would practically keep fermenting and would become alcoholic and fizzy and sour. The second challenge were the blogs and articles suggesting commercial kefir was less healthier than home made ones as it had considerably fewer probiotics.

We hit the hub with our survey to find out about the awareness of fermented products and healthy drinks. Sara would post a detailed version of the outcome however few highlights are listed here. Firstly, out of 24 surveyed, 14 would consume fermented products for health benefits. Only 3 people heard about kefir. Since our persona was educated and was willing to acquire knowledge for health benefits hence the findings were not totally discouraging.

Sitting at the hub drinking coffee and scratching our heads, we did have a Eureka moment! Thanks to our Masters’ student Penny and our dear lecturer Richard. Penny, a naturopath,ntold us that there was a shortage and a wait list to get kefir grains in Dunedin. Cool. Richard forced us to look harder at our business model. Challenging. The team came up with the idea of selling kefir grains.

Now it all makes sense. Kefir grains was a much better design solution for our persona than the bottled kefir water. We possibly need to start a subscription based business selling kefir grains and cherry juice. A lean business model suggesting to sell the business in the top end of the growth phase or offering a wider range of fermented products kits.

The task ahead is to come up with a brand, branding story, logo, packaging and visually simple reinforcing imagery. We also need to finalise our strategy for the coming Saturday farmers’ market survey.

Tell me team, who is doing what in next two days till we meet on Wednesday ❓

See ya🍒


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