Speech outline!

Begins – Fermented foods

Dr. Joseph Mercola – World’s #1 Health Website say fermented foods heal and seal your gut and can optimize health and reverse disease

100x more probiotics than supplements – support intestinal and overall health. After all, your gut is around 80% of your immunity

Probiotics in Fermented Foods play a crucial role in providing your gut with healthy microflora which fuel production of antibodies that fight pathogens

There are many types of popular fermented foods on the market today…

There is a Fermented drink, however, that has flown under the radar for some time and is now beginning to trend in NZ: Water Kefir

Active ingredients: Scoby includes many healthy strains of bacteria, incl. that of lactobacillus

Like any other Fermented food, water kefir contains probiotics, B vitamins, amino acids

In light of this we have developed a DIY kit for female baby boomers – high disposable income due to empty nesters

independent lifestyles and nutritious products

Study conducted by the ministry of health found that Baby Boomers in NZ will be healthier than any other generation.

Furthermore, Stats NZ states one of the top 3 leading causes of death is liver cirrhosis, which has been directly linked to intestinal bacteria overgrowth by the university of San Diego department of medicine.

Nature’s Nurture WKK addresses each of these problems, making our product a perfect solution.

Our kit is also very appealing from a business perspective

Ronnie here will share the good news.


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