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Begins – Fermented foods

Dr. Joseph Mercola – World’s #1 Health Website say fermented foods heal and seal your gut and can optimize health and reverse disease

100x more probiotics than supplements – support intestinal and overall health. After all, your gut is around 80% of your immunity

Probiotics in Fermented Foods play a crucial role in providing your gut with healthy microflora which fuel production of antibodies that fight pathogens

There are many types of popular fermented foods on the market today…

There is a Fermented drink, however, that has flown under the radar for some time and is now beginning to trend in NZ: Water Kefir

Active ingredients: Scoby includes many healthy strains of bacteria, incl. that of lactobacillus

Like any other Fermented food, water kefir contains probiotics, B vitamins, amino acids

In light of this we have developed a DIY kit for female baby boomers – high disposable income due to empty nesters

independent lifestyles and nutritious products

Study conducted by the ministry of health found that Baby Boomers in NZ will be healthier than any other generation.

Furthermore, Stats NZ states one of the top 3 leading causes of death is liver cirrhosis, which has been directly linked to intestinal bacteria overgrowth by the university of San Diego department of medicine.

Nature’s Nurture WKK addresses each of these problems, making our product a perfect solution.

Our kit is also very appealing from a business perspective

Ronnie here will share the good news.


History, Benefits, & Dosage

History of water kefir

Water kefir has been used by numerous cultures dating as far back as the 1800s. Kefir grains, the key component of making water kefir, are a form of SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The grains eat sugars and produce “… pre-digested nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, calories/energy and billions of probiotics” (http://www.yemoos.com/faqwahealth.html). Kefir is known for it’s numerous health benefits, especially those in the gut.

4 Benefits of Water Kefir

  1. Increases the beneficial bacteria in the gut, promoting a healthy micro flora which kills harmful bacteria and viruses that enter the gut.
  2. Builds a stronger digestive tract lining preventing toxins from seeping through into the bloodstream and causing health issues.
  3. Improves digestion of food through increased levels of healthy micro flora.
  4. Liver Cirrhosis is one of the top 3 health problems in NZ. It has been linked to increased harmful bacteria growth in the gut. Kefir helps to regulate and supply good bacteria in the gut, possibly preventing from harmful bacteria from reproducing. (http://www.cmghjournal.org/article/S2352-345X(15)00064-8/pdfhttp://www2.stats.govt.nz/domino/external/web/nzstories.nsf/092edeb76ed5aa6bcc256afe0081d84e/11caee935d8de67ccc256b180004d765?OpenDocument)

Water Kefir Dosage

Kefir can sometimes have a laxative effect if too much is drunk too quickly. We recommend that dosage starts small, around 50-100 ml, and increases overtime. When your body adapts to

Water kefir survey results!

Hey guys! Here are the results from the farmers market survey. I think we are on the right track with the DIY kit as well 😀

42.42% of the participants said they would like a water kefir beverage available on the market, a big market! Also, this gives us good feedback for future development. 82.83% of participants said they would want a ready made water kefir beverage to be available! Woo! This is some good feedback.




Water Kefir!!!

This is the start of the coconut water kefir! I got the water kefir grains yesterday from a naturopath and put the brew on this morning at around 10:30 am. I have done a batch of coconut water kefir (on the right – 3 cups organic coconut water and 1/2 cup water kefir grains) to test how that turns out. Personally, I think this smells really good! I can’t wait to try it with the cherry flavour!

However, on the left is just plain water kefir (3 tbsp organic cane sugar, fair trade, 2 cups distilled water[very important to use dilstilled], and 1/4 cup of water kefir grains. I have put this batch in just sugar water for the purpose of reproducing them so we have more to work with once the base batch of coconut water is done. Then, next time, we will be able to do more batches. Water kefir grains do not really reproduce in coconut water, so it is important that they are hydrated before use.

These batches should be done by Sunday morning at 1030. When that time comes I will change the kefir grain sugar water to make sure they don’t starve. I’ll update you guys later on to let you know how it goes!

Good luck with your persona reports by the way!


Prototype #1 – 14 March

What are we doing today?


  • start bulk brew #1 of kombucha
  • make a cherry pulp and vacuum pack it for when the kombucha is finished
  • start a brew of cherri kanji (indian fermented veggie/food drink)

Main materials needed:

  • mesh cloth
  • coffee filters
  • glass jar to brew kombucha

We aim to start one bulk batch of kombucha today. We bought a kombucha starter kit from Taste Nature that we are going to use which yields roughly 2 litres in 7-10 days. This has the directions to brew it in a pamphlet, pictured below.

rene's kombucha recipe.jpg

From there,we are going to try out different levels of fruit flavour to see which tastes the best. We are going to bottle the kombucha in 300ml bottles with each bottle having a different percentage of cherry pulp, which we will make today. Then the bottles of kombucha will be left out for a further two days (this is called the second fermentation), and this process will create a delightful fizz in the bottle for when it is consumed.

We also aim to make brew #1 of cherry kanji. This recipe will take about 3-4 days, considerably shorter than that of kombucha. This drink ferments with the cherries in it, so there is no need for a second fermentation. The outcome is fizzy.

Cherry Kanji Recipe

cherry kanji recipe.jpg